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From reporting a crime to obtaining your UCSF ID card, the UCSF Police department is here to help.  

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Contact UCSF Police Department 

Obtain a Police Report 

Get a UCSF ID Card | Get Fingerprinted

Request a Safety Escort 

Learn About Emergency Procedures 

Complete an Emergency Action Plan (EAP)   

Complete a Mission Continuity Plan  

Find Crime Prevention Resources (Clery Act, Crime Statistics, etc.)   

Request a Security Assessment (Survey) 

Contact UCSF Police Department 

If you are the victim of or witness to a crime, you have the responsibility to report it immediately to the police. Prompt reporting will help the Police Department maintain a safe and secure campus environment for all. 

In an emergency: 9-1-1 

To contact the UCSF Police Department, call 911 from any campus phone. 

If you are calling from a non-campus phone call: (415) 476-6911

UCSF Police non-emergency: (415) 476-1414 

Email inquiries may be sent using the Contact Us form

To find a specific person or department: Visit our Contact Us page

Obtain a police report 

For questions on requesting a police report, please contact Colin Sjostedt: at (415) 476-2454, Option 2 or email [email protected]

Get a UCSF ID card | Get fingerprinted

Request a safety escort 

Safety escorts are available to members of the campus community at Parnassus Heights, Mission Bay, Laurel Heights, Mount Zion, Mission Center, and UCSF at ZSFG; 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Escorts are provided on and immediately adjacent to UCSF property. Call the Police Department non-emergency telephone number at (415) 476-1414 to request an escort.

Security Service Desk Locations 

Learn about emergency procedures 

Complete an Emergency Action Plan (EAP)   

All campus departments and their affiliated sites are required to prepare an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) -UC READY. This plan outlines your department’s preparedness measures and priority actions during emergencies, from small incidents to citywide disasters. 

Complete a Mission Continuity Plan  

Mission Continuity is the ability of an organization to continue serving its constituents and maintain viability following a disaster or other disruption. 

Find crime-prevention material 

The Crime Prevention Unit develops, promotes and maintains safety awareness and outreach programs for the UCSF Police Department. This includes information related to the Clery Act, crime statistics, etc. 

Request a security assessment (survey) 

The UCSF Police Department conducts free security assessments (surveys) to inspect premises and make recommendations for improving the safety in your workplace. You will receive a detailed report within 10 business days after the inspection. Security surveys for physical security improvements for Medical Center/UCSF Health buildings are handled by Medical Center Security. 

Contact Jason Heil to schedule a security assessment (survey): (415) 502-9396 or email [email protected]