About Us

The UCSF Police Department handles all patrol, investigations, crime prevention, emergency management, homeland security and related community policing duties for the UCSF campus. The Police Department consists of 170 plus authorized staff, serving a population that exceeds 60,000 patients, visitors, students, faculty, staff and affiliates.

UCSF Police officers

Community Engagement

Police Community Advisory Board 

The Board facilitates and enhances communication between the Police Department and the greater UCSF Enterprise (Campus + Medical Center) community. The Board works collaboratively on issues involving safety and security, to create shared learning environments where officers and members of the UCSF community interact and learn together. Meetings take place quarterly. See the link above for the list of Board members.

COPPS Program - Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving

One of the Police Department’s goals is to develop tighter relationships with the UCSF community, provide the best possible services to the UCSF Community, and promote a greater understanding of police activities.

Under the COPPS philosophy, police officers are encouraged to become familiar with the UCSF community, listen to UCSF affiliates’ concerns, become familiar with the infrastructure of the UCSF campus, and involve UCSF affiliates in problem solving efforts.

One way this is accomplished is through COPPS beat assignments for officers. Each officer is assigned a specific COPPS beat for the duration of a shift rotation (6 months). For more information, please contact [email protected]


UCSF Police Department is organized into the Office of the Chief and five operating divisions:

For more information please see the UCSF Police Department Organizational Chart.

The UCSF Police Department is part of the Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration. The Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor is the control point for many of the campus departments responsible for the provision and maintenance of the majority of central campus infrastructure and services.

File A Complaint (UCOP EthicsPoint Hotline)

If you believe the conduct of a police department employee is inappropriate, report immediately so that we can investigate it.