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UCSF Police Department offers a range of easily accessible and reliable services to the UCSF community to help keep our campuses safe.

We know how frustrating it can be to find help online. Easily find the UCSF PD service you need here: simply click to find the help you’re looking for.

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Report a Crime

Get a Police Report


Campus Safety

Emergency Preparedness

Report a Crime

Call or contact us immediately to report any crime whether you are the victim or witness to the event. Prompt reporting will help the Police Department maintain a safe and secure campus environment for all. 

In an emergency: 9-1-1 

To contact the UCSF Police Department, call 911 from any campus phone. 

If you are calling from a non-campus phone call: (415) 476-6911.   

UCSF Police non-emergency: (415) 476-1414 

For more information on how to repot an in-progress crime or emergency, along with what to say, see our Report a Crime page.

Get a Police Report

For questions on requesting a police report, please contact Colin Sjostedt: at (415) 476-2454, Option 2 or email [email protected]


WeID provides the following services:

Campus Safety

Safety Escorts 

Need a late-night or early-morning escort to your vehicle or between campus locations? Escorts are available to UCSF affiliates 24/7. 

Alarm Management 

Get information about security alarm systems.   

Building Lockouts 

Locked out? We can help. 

Security Assessments 

Is your department secure? Set up a free security survey.   

Security for Special Events 

We provide security for all kinds of campus events.

Emergency Preparedness

Preparing for a Disaster

Emergencies can happen at any time: Natural disasters. Technology-related disasters. Man-made disasters such as explosions or bomb threats. Being prepared with the knowledge and skills to respond effectively to these emergencies can make the vital difference between becoming a victim and protecting yourself and the people around you. Your UCSF Police Department has taken important steps to help you obtain the information and skills needed for effective emergency preparedness. 


Learn more about UCSF’s emergency enterprise-wide alerting and warning service for faculty, learners, staff, and affiliates with official UCSF IDs. 

UCSF SafeApp

The UCSF Safe app is another way for faculty, staff, and students to get timely emergency information, news, and instructions.  

  • Supports WarnMe messages and emergency tweets @ucsf_police
  • UCSF Safe can be downloaded at iTunes and Android stores 

Emergency Action Plan

All campus departments and their affiliated sites are required to prepare an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) -UC READY. This plan outlines your department’s preparedness measures and priority actions during emergencies, from small incidents to citywide disasters. 

Mission Continuity (UC Ready)

Mission Continuity is the ability of an organization to continue serving its constituents and maintain viability following a disaster or other disruption. 

Training and Education

The UCSF Police Department’s Homeland Security Emergency Management Division (HSEM) develops emergency preparedness training and exercises for the following groups: 

  • UCSF faculty, staff, and students 
  • UCSF Emergency Response Teams 
  • Emergency Operations Center Staff 
  • UCSF Administration  

Go to our Training and Education page to learn more about opportunities available to you including:

  • Floor warden training
  • Evacu-Trac training
  • volunteer opportunities with our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), emergency communications team, and other local, state, and national disaster volunteer options.


See our Forms and Resources page to find more information about Emergency Action Plans, emergency volunteering, emergency procedures, and other emergency preparedness resources.