Our Department

The UCSF Police Department is divided into five divisions along with the Office of the Chief. Following is information on the responsibilities and staffing for each division and the Office of the Chief. 

Office of the Chief 

The Office of the Chief is responsible for the overall leadership and delivery of public safety services to UCSF faculty, schools, students, staff, patients, affiliates, vendors, residents, and neighbors.

The Office of the Chief serves as liaison to various university, municipal, county, state, and federal agencies. Strategic and fiscal planning, policy and procedural development, internal leadership and staff development, labor and community relations, intergovernmental and international relations, and fluid coordination with local, state, and federal agencies are among the responsibilities of the Office of the Chief.  

Within the Finance and Administrative Services (FAS) village, the Office of the Chief orchestrates communications between the Department, the UCSF Office of the President, UCSF administration, advisory boards and committees, and the community at large to ensure responsiveness to UCSF Enterprise priorities. The Office of Chief is the hub of the UCSF Police Department. The Office monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of service delivery, harnesses public and media relations, envisions short- and long-range goal-setting, strategic planning, market research and financial management.    

Within the UCSF Campus, the Office of the Chief maintains all grievance, background, internal affairs investigations, complaint records, and other highly confidential files and processes. Office of the Chief handles citizen's complaint investigations and processes, serves as the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) director and incident commander, in all cases of natural disasters and epidemic proportions. 

The Office of the Chief consists of the Chief of Police, Executive Assistant to the Chief, Business and Finance Manager, and an Administrative Assistant. 


Chief of Police Mike Denson 
(415) 571-4110[email protected] 

Field Services Division 

The Field Services Division is comprised of Patrol Services and Investigative Services.  

Patrol Services is the uniformed operating division of the UCSF Police Department. Patrol Services are provided 24 hours a day, every day. Police officers patrol by car, bicycle and on foot to maintain high-profile, proactive and preventive public safety services. Patrol Services respond to emergency calls, investigate crimes, enforce criminal and vehicle codes, investigate traffic collisions, conduct community policing and crime prevention, and manage security and safety for the many on-campus special events.

Investigative Services conducts investigations on all reported major crimes. They also maintain investigative liaisons with other law enforcement agencies and develop crime analysis information to assist in effective patrol operations and to better inform the community of crime matters. Investigative Services manages myriad of criminal cases each year ranging from sexual assault, robbery, assault, embezzlement, burglary, identity theft, fraud and criminal threats. Within Investigative Services, the Crime Prevention Unit develops, promotes and maintains safety awareness and outreach programs for the UCSF Police Department. In collaboration with other Police Department services, the Field Services Division strives to ensure a safe and secure environment for the campus community and its visitors.


Captain Eric Banares 
(415) 418-0738 | [email protected] 


Professional Standards Division 

The Professional Standards Division is responsible for developing and regulating policies and procedures for the Police Department.

This includes conducting research, staff recruiting, performance management, business services, and conducting internal affairs and background investigations. This division also maintains compliance with all applicable standards for the department’s accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and other functions assigned by the Chief of Police. Under this Division, the Emergency Communications Center proudly serves the campus community working around the clock to protect lives and property. The Division's dedicated staff is committed to providing exceptional public safety services and being the first point of contact in building community partnerships to make the University a better, safer place to work.  


Lieutenant Brian Perry 
(415) 770-1157[email protected] 

Security Services Division 

Security Services Division consists of both campus and Medical Center security. Security Services provides infrastructure protection, building security, visitor management, and special event services. Additional services include building lockouts and safety escorts available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  


Lieutenant Adrienne Moore 
(415) 476-1414[email protected] 

Technical Services Division 

The Technical Services Division operates the UCSF Police Department Emergency Communications Center, manages the We ID and LiveScan (fingerprinting and security clearances) programs, and includes the Property and Evidence Unit. 


Charles Cullen 
(415) 476-0905[email protected]