Training and Education

Education, training & exercises 

The UCSF Police Department’s Homeland Security Emergency Management Division (HSEM) develops emergency preparedness training and exercises for the following groups: 

  • UCSF faculty, staff, and students 
  • UCSF Emergency Response Teams 
  • Emergency Operations Center Staff 
  • UCSF Administration  

HSEM education & training services 

  • CA Standardized Emergency Management System (EOC Staff & Response Teams)
  • Campus Emergency Response Team Training 
  • Departmental Emergency Preparedness & Planning 
  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Emergency Coordinator and Floor Warden Training 
  • AED/CPR/First Aid training: AHA Heartsaver and BLS certification courses (fee-based classes) 
  • Incident Command System (EOC Staff & Response Teams) 
  • Mission Continuity Planning 
  • National Incident Management System (EOC Staff & Response Teams) 
  • Personal & family emergency preparedness* 
  • UCSF Emergency Response Plan (EOC Staff) 
  • Worksite emergency preparedness* 

*HSEM staff will come to your worksite to present on worksite and personal emergency preparedness 

Tabletop and functional exercises are conducted throughout the year for mission continuity planning, Emergency Operations Center staff, campus emergency responders, EAP teams.  EOC exercises are often coordinated with San Francisco, State or Federal emergency management exercises. 

HSEM sponsored education and training is posted on the UCSF calendar.

Floor warden training 

UCSF Campus Floor Warden Training | UC Learning Center | Type "floor warden" into the search field

This online training program will introduce you to the UCSF Campus Floor Warden role and responsibilities. Completion of this training is required for all assigned UCSF Campus Floor Wardens, however all UCSF campus staff and employees are encouraged to take the training. Estimated completion time: 15 minutes

  • Assist in safe evacuations 
  • Identify locations of trapped, injured or disabled victims in need of extraction or rescue 
  • Advanced training opportunities  
  • Contact [email protected]    

Evacu-Trac training

Evacu-Trac Evacuation Chair Training | UC Learning Center | Type "evacu-trac" into the search field

The UCSF Police Department has provided a limited number of Evacu-Trac Evacuation Chairs across the UCSF Campus. This online training is required by any person intending to use an evacuation chair. Training must be completed prior to using any evacuation chair that is included in the Evacu-Trac locations directory noted below. 

Evacu-trac evacuation chair  

Volunteer trainings and opportunities 

There are a number of ways to become involved in emergency preparedness and response at UCSF: 

  • Worksite emergency coordinator
  • University of California emergency response team
  • Emergency communications team
  • Care and shelter operations team 

Contact and inquiries: [email protected]

University of California community emergency response team (CERT) 

  • Establish communications with UCSF EOC 
  • Provide basic first aid 
  • Identify trapped and injured persons  
  • Survey scene for safety hazards  
  • Perform initial damage assessment  
  • Establish a victim collection site  

Contact: [email protected] 

Emergency communications team 

  • Ham radio operators  
  • Field support  
  • Establish communications with EOC  
  • Embed with University of California emergency response teams  
  • Assist emergency response teams in assessments and support  
  • EOC support  
  • Establish and maintain communications with UCSF emergency response teams  
  • Assist EOC staff in monitoring other communications  
  • Accompany EOC staff or teams into the field as needed

Contact: [email protected] 

UCSF emergency volunteer forms 

Local, state and national disaster volunteer opportunities 


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