Security for Special Events

The UCSF Police Department is responsible for evaluating, recommending, and providing security services for all organized events on campus requested by: 

  • Campus organizations/departments 
  • UC Regents 
  • Other campus affiliations 
  • Additionally, the Police Department provides dignitary protection to heads of state and other dignitaries and VIPs who visit UCSF campuses. 

Security services 

Persons providing security services may include: 

  • Police Department security guards 
  • Sworn police officers 
  • A combination of both 

Security services fees

Charges for most services are a fixed re-charge per-hour fee: 

  • Public Safety Ambassadors (security guards): $55 
  • Patrol officers: $108 
  • Patrol sergeants: $119 

Obtain a security review for planned events 

A security review is required for any expressive activity that is planned in advance.  

To schedule this review, an OrgSync Event Form or Expressive Activities Event Form must be: 

  • Completed in advance  
  • Submitted to the authorized University office 

Expressive activity hourly rates:  

  • Student groups organizing expressive activities are eligible for the on-campus group security or police hourly rate, which does not vary depending on the viewpoint expressed. 
  • All expressive activities organized by off-campus groups incur an hourly rate for security or police services that does not vary, regardless of the viewpoint expressed.  

The person organizing the special or expressive event is responsible for the cost of security or police services.  

  • However, if the UCSF Police Department determines that an event will require additional security or police services, the University will bear the cost. 

The UCSF Police Department is solely responsible for the contracting, scheduling, and posting of any security or police personnel on University property. Organizers may not contract with third-party providers of security or police services without advance approval from the UCSF Police Department.  

To request a quotation or assessment for special-event or expressive security services, contact Lt. Adrienne Moore at [email protected].