Police Officer

How to become a UCSF police officer

  1. Review the University of California Police Officer job standards.
  2. Apply to an open peace officer job posting in UCSF Brass Ring with a cover letter and resume.
  3. Submit a completed UCSF Police Department Employment Application form.
  4. Applicants are encouraged to take part in a ride-along. These can be scheduled by contacting the Watch Commander at 415-476-1414.
  5. Qualified applicants will be contacted to take part in an oral board interview conducted by at least two members of the UCSF Police Department sworn staff. The interview will be one hour long. 
  6. Following the oral board, applicants will be fingerprinted and submit a completed Personal History Statement and Background Questionnaire for review by the Professional Standards Division (PSD).
  7. Candidates passing the PSD review will be scheduled for a one-hour, pass/fail interview with the Chief of Police.
  8. Candidates passing the interview with the Chief will be asked to sign a waiver authorizing a full background investigation. These can take from 30 to 45 days to complete.
  9. The Chief of Police will review the background investigation report and pass or fail the candidate based on the results.
  10. Candidates passing the Chief’s review will be scheduled for a medical evaluation and psychological assessment. Examination results are normally received within seven business days of the exam.
  11. Based on the examination results, the Chief of Police will pass or fail the candidate, who will be notified of the decision via mail and/or email. 
  12. Passing candidates will be sent a conditional offer of employment to be signed and returned to the PSD.
  13. When the signed conditional offer of employment is received, the candidate is hired.

Application process for out-of-state officers and POST-certified officers after a three-year break in service

  1. Peace officers from outside of California and POST-certified officers coming off a three-year or longer break in service may apply for a basic course waiver or complete a requalification-course through POST.
  2. After meeting requirements, officers will receive a certificate from POST. The steps in "How to become a UCSF police officer" above will then apply.
  3. Officers should submit a copy of the certificate, along with their cover letter and resume, when applying for open police officer positions.

Additional candidate information

  • Entry-level applicants are required to take the POST Entry-level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB). They will be notified if UCSF Police Department has a testing date scheduled. If no exam is scheduled, applicants may take the exam at another agency and forward the test scores to UCSF Police Department.
    • A passing score is 42. 
  • Candidates who are not passed at any point in the recruitment process will be notified in writing and may reapply to open positions after six months.