UCSF Campus Security Authorities (CSAs)

The Clery Act defines a Campus Security Authority (CSA) as individual with "significant responsibility for student and campus activities," along with others responsible for campus safety and individuals specified as those for whom students and employees should report criminal offenses. This includes employees of a campus police department, other individuals with campus security responsibility, and other officials who work closely with students.

Incidents reported by a CSA may be included in the daily crime log and UCSF Annual Security Report, and evaluated for the issuing of a Crime Alert (Timely Warning).

All CSAs at UCSF are identified and trained. Anyone identified as a CSA at UCSF should report Clery Act crimes using the Campus Security Authority Report Form below.

CSA Reporting 

CSAs should immediately report all Clery Act crimes reported to them, in their capacity as a CSA, to the UCSF Clery Act Coordinator. Specifically, CSAs should fill out the Campus Security Auithority Report Form linked below and email it to the address listed. Note: all crimes reported to the UCSF Police Department are also received and reviewed by the UCSF Clery Act Coordinator. A report made directly to UCSF PD satisfies a CSA's reporting obligations. If a CSA is unsure whether UCSF PD was notified of an incident, the CSA should err on the side of caution and submit the CSA Report Form.

CSA Training Materials

Referrals and Resources for Individuals Reporting Clery Crimes 

CSAs should refer survivors of violent crime, including sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking, to the UCSF CARE Advocate and Title IX Officer. Victims may also be referred to the following resources:

CSAs wanting more information about how to use trauma informed language when speaking with an individual reporting a Clery Act crime, may contact the UCSF CARE Advocate.

Questions from a CSA about their role as a CSA or Clery Act compliance, may be directed to:

Jason Heil
Clery Act Coordinator and Crime Analyst
UCSF Police Department
654 Minnesota Street, Suite 180
San Francisco, CA 94143-0238
Tel: 415/502-9396
Email: [email protected]