Department Approvals

UCSF Medical Center Employees or Affiliates

Please contact your home department or UCSF Medical Center contact for further information and authorization to obtain a UCSF Medical Center ID card.

When you have received authorization, contact the UCSF Medical Center Security Division at 885-7890 to get your ID card, The Medical Center ID Badging station is located at M-192 (Moffitt, 1st Floor, Room 192), and at Mission Bay Hospital near the Emergency Department.

To add proximity access to your UCSF Medical Center ID Card:

Access Request Procedure:

Beginning on October 28, 2019 UCSF will use Hitachi to request access codes either for new hires or for those transferring into new departments.

The Hitachi platform will allow users to select the code or codes that they want a particular person to have. Choices are sent to Door Authorizer(s) for their review and approval.

If an individual does not have access to Hitachi, a departmental Identity Management Worker (IMW), a Door Authorizer, SecAccess or the entering of a ticket in PeopleConnect, may request access.

UCSF Faculty, Postdocs and Staff

Contact your manager, supervisor or PI to request authorization for a new or replacement ID card.

UCSF Students

New ID Cards

Contact your school’s administration for information on receiving your UCSF ID card.

Replacement Cards:
  • Get approval from your school’s administration to receive a new ID card (regardless of who is paying for the card).
  • If the school is paying for the card, a representative must enter the Chart of Account into Hitachi.
  • Go to a service location and bring one acceptable form of identification.
  • Contact your school’s administration if you have questions.

UCSF Contractors and Affiliates

If you are a contractor, vendor or volunteer who is not paid through UCSF’s payroll, you must supply required information to the UCSF department that hired you. They will inform you when you can obtain your UCSF ID card.