Gaining Building Access

Most UCSF buildings employ an electronic door-lock system. This system relies on the use of ID cards to help UCSF verify identification and limit access to authorized members of the UCSF community. By obtaining and wearing your approved ID card while on UCSF property, you can help maintain the security of the campus community.

Access Card Information:

UCSF Campus facilties access: [email protected]
UCSF Medical Center facilities access: [email protected]
For events that require the unlocking of doors (after-hours and on weekends): Call Facilities Services Customer Service Center at 415/476-2021.

Access Request Procedure:

Beginning on October 28, 2019 UCSF will use Hitachi to request access codes either for new hires or for those transferring into new departments.

The Hitachi platform will allow users to select the code or codes that they want a particular person to have. Choices are sent to Door Authorizer(s) for their review and approval.

If an individual does not have access to Hitachi, a departmental Identity Management Worker (IMW), a Door Authorizer, SecAccess or the entering of a ticket in PeopleConnect, may request access.

Please contact WeID ([email protected]) if a desired code(s) cannot be located in the system.

To request information or to make an appointment (ID cards or LiveScan), call 415/476-2088.

To make an appointment (ID cards or LiveScan), follow this link to the online appointment system.

All proximity cards are inactive when issued.
After access is added in Hitachi, it may take approximately 15 minutes for the access code to become active.

Replacement cards: Door access on the card holders profile will automatically transfer over to the new card in about 15 minutes.