Emergency Phones and Devices

Emergency Blue Phones and Panic Alarms

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) has numerous emergency telephones and panic alarms in UCSF buildings and parking structures throughout the campus. The emergency phones and panic alarms are prominently marked with signage and blue lights. These telephones and panic alarms connect directly to the UCSF Police Department’s Emergency Communication Center (ECC) and serve as a means of immediate contact for public safety services. 

The emergency blue light phones allow the public to talk directly to an ECC Public Safety Dispatcher to summon public safety services.

Panic alarms send an emergency signal to the ECC. Police officers are dispatched to the alarm location. If you activate a panic alarm, make sure you are in safe location and wait for police officers to arrive. If you have to move from the location of the panic alarm activation, please notify the ECC, via telephone, either by dialing 415/476-6911 or 415/476-1414. 

Emergency Red Phones

UCSF also has red emergency telephones located in strategic areas throughout the campus and Medical Center for use in the event of an emergency, or when the campus telephone system is not operational.

To call an emergency number from an emergency telephone dial the last 5 digits of the extension, e.g., dial 34556 to reach 415-753-4556 . You may also dial Police emergency (911) from an emergency telephone. No other services are provided from these telephones.

During any emergency, restrict telephone system use to calls of a critical nature. Keep the number and length of calls to a minimum. In a major disaster these telephones may not be operational.