What to do if…

You are the victim of a crime.
Get instructions for reporting a crime and getting the help you need.

There is an earthquake.
Prepare yourself with these earthquake safety basics.

There is a gunman on campus.
Learn to protect yourself if there is an active shooter on campus.

There is a terrorist attack.
Get the latest terrorism preparedness information from counterterrorism and early warning groups.

You receive a suspicious package or bomb threat.
Learn how handle a suspicious package and get bomb threat information.

You need an ID card.
Get information about ID cards and make your appointment online.

You lost your ID card.
Report lost or stolen cards by calling 415/476-1414.

You need to be fingerprinted.
Learn about fingerprint criminal-history checks and LiveScan.

You lost or found a personal item.
Call 415/476-2454 to report lost property.

You need something notarized.
Call 415/476-2088 to make an appointment.

You are traveling overseas.
Learn about overseas traveling precautions and sign up with the UCSF travel safety management program.