Volunteer Opportunities

There are a number of ways to become involved in emergency preparedness and response at UCSF:

  • Worksite emergency coordinator
  • Emergency Action Plan floor warden
  • University of California emergency response team
  • Emergency communications team
  • Care and shelter operations team

To find out more visit: Education, Training and Drills.
Send questions to [email protected].

EAP Floor Wardens

  • Assist in safe evacuations
  • Identify locations of trapped, injured or disabled victims in need of extraction or rescue
  • Advanced training opportunities
  • Contact [email protected]

University of California Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

  • Establish communications with UCSF EOC
  • Provide basic first aid
  • Identify trapped and injured persons
  • Survey scene for safety hazards
  • Perform initial damage assessment
  • Establish victim collection site
  • Contact [email protected]

Emergency Communications Team

  • Ham radio operators
  • Field support
  • Establish communications with EOC
  • Embed with University of California emergency response teams
  • Assist emergency response teams in assessments and support
  • EOC support
  • Establish and maintain communications with UCSF emergency response teams
  • Assist EOC staff in monitoring other communications
  • Accompany EOC staff or teams into the field as needed
  • Contact [email protected]

UCSF Emergency Volunteer Forms

Local, State and National Disaster Volunteer Opportunities