Training and Education



Second Row; Left to Right: Herminigildo Briones, Phillip Evans, Jason Dong, Anthony Fuzie, Leila Sharifi, Jennifer Okano
Front Row; Left to Right: Kirsten Bjorgan, Kelly Cole, Peggy Ghertner, Herbert Cole, Colette Ono-Ko, Leslie Santos, Michael Janes

Education, Training & Exercises

The UCSF Police Department’s Homeland Security Emergency Management Division (HSEM) develops emergency preparedness training and exercises for the following groups:

  • UCSF faculty, staff, and students

  • UCSF Emergency Response Teams

  • Emergency Operations Center Staff

  • UCSF Administration

HSEM Education and Training services include:

  • CA Standardized Emergency Management System (EOC Staff & Response Teams)

  • Campus Emergency Response Team Training

  • Departmental Emergency Preparedness & Planning

  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Emergency Coordinator and Floor Warden Training

  • AED/CPR/First Aid training: AHA Heartsaver and BLS certification courses (fee-based classes)

  • Incident Command System (EOC Staff & Response Teams)

  • Mission Continuity Planning

  • National Incident Management System (EOC Staff & Response Teams)

  • Personal & family emergency preparedness*

  • Stop the Bleed for lay persons

  • UCSF Emergency Response Plan  (EOC Staff)

  • Worksite emergency preparedness*

*HSEM staff will come to your worksite to present on worksite and personal emergency preparedness

Tabletop and functional exercises are conducted throughout the year for mission continuity planning, Emergency Operations Center staff, campus emergency responders, EAP teams.  EOC exercises are often coordinated with San Francisco, State or Federal emergency management exercises.

HSEM sponsored education and training is posted on the UCSF calendar.


UCSF Police Bike Patrol

UCSF Police Bike Patrol - training day!