Personal Preparedness (including Wildfire Preparedness)

UCSF encourages you to take steps now to prepare yourself and your family for emergencies. This is especially important if you have a role in UCSF’s Emergency Response Plans. You most likely will be unable to function effectively unless you know your family is prepared and safe. If you are separated from your loved ones, including dependent adults, children, and/or pets, when a disaster strikes, you will feel less stress and anxiety knowing they were prepared with an emergency plan and supplies.

Training Video

In partnership with the American Red Cross Bay Area, UCSF offers a 20-minute online training tutorial to help you and your family stay safe in emergencies.

  • Learn how to prevent injury and mitigate the impact of a disaster

  • Get prepared with a disaster supply kit and a plan for staying connected to your family

  • Respond to emergency situations with confidence and help save lives

American Red Cross - Ready or Not: Prepare for Chance (YouTube Video)

Workplace Emergency Preparedness

The key to surviving any disaster is preparedness and planning:

  • Volunteer for emergency training and assignments.

  • Participate in all fire and evacuation drills.

  • Follow instructions of emergency personnel and public safety officials during an emergency.

  • Be familiar with the locations of fire alarm pull stations, fire extinguishers and emergency exit routes in your usual work and study areas.

  • Contact your department emergency coordinator and read your department’s Emergency Action Plan. Become familiar with the emergency response procedures.

  • Download UCSF SAFE - available in iOS and Android 

Communicating in a Disaster

Let others know your status and location at Safe and Well. After a disaster, letting your family and friends know that you are safe and well can bring your loved ones great peace of mind. This website is designed to help make that communication easier.

Not only can UCSF's WarnMe notify you of an imminent threat to your life or safety, WarnMe can deliver information on locations of disaster aid, as well as enable you to respond with your status. website

Public Safety Power Shut Off: PG&E

Please visit Public Safety Power Shut Off website for more information on how to prepare and what to expect:

Wildfire personal preparedness

Please visit Cal Fire website for more information on how to prepare for wildfire evacuations and what to expect.


Understanding Access and Functional Needs - Resources for AFN from California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES)

Access and functional needs (AFN) refers to individuals who are or have:

  • Physical, developmental or intellectual disabilities
  • Chronic conditions or injuries
  • Limited English proficiency
  • Older adults
  • Children
  • Low income, homeless and/or transportation disadvantaged (i.e., dependent on public transit)
  • Pregnant women

***Detailed guidance on integrating AFN can be found in the AFN library