Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

All campus departments and their affiliated sites are required to prepare an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) - UC READY. This plan outlines your department’s preparedness measures and priority actions during emergencies, from small incidents to citywide disasters, and should include:

  • Personnel roster
  • Inventory of emergency supplies
  • Evacuation plan and exit routes
  • Special staff assignments/needs list
  • Location of your emergency evacuation assembly areas
  • Critical functions, data or research to be protected
  • Worksite emergency coordinator and floor wardens
  • Alternate floor wardens and emergency coordinators to serve in absence of primary floor wardens and emergency coordinators.
  • Emergency communication and after-hours notification plan
  • Campus emergency phone locations

The Emergency Action Plan can be organized by worksite (office, lab), by Division or Department, and by floor or building.  Collaboration between neighboring workspaces on the same floor to develop a 'Whole Building" EAP is encouraged.

Emergency Action Plans are completed using the UC Ready application that can be accessed via MyAccess.  New UC Ready users should contact [email protected] for a new account. For UCSF Health EAP's, please contact Francine Sneddon, [email protected].  

UCSF Emergency Action Plans are due annually during the month of August and NO LATER than August 31. Emergency Action Plans are valid for one year only and can be updated throughout the year as necessary by submitting an updated EAP. Please contact Michelle Heckle, [email protected] to have your EAP reviewed and submitted.

Should you require assistance regarding the EAP Online process you can contact us at [email protected].

Emergency Action Plan Documents

Training and Education

UCSF Campus Floor Warden Training (UC Learning Center; type "floor warden" in the search field)
This online training program will introduce you to the UCSF Campus Floor Warden role and responsibilities. Completion of this training is required for all assigned UCSF Campus Floor Wardens, however all UCSF campus staff and employees are encouraged to take the training. Estimated Completion time is 15 minutes.  Slides to accompany training.

Evacu-Trac Evacuation Chair Training (UC Learning Center; type "evacu-trac" in the search field)
The UCSF Police Department has provided a limited number of Evacu-Trac Evacuation Chairs across the UCSF Campus. This online training is required by any person intending to use an evacuation chair. Training must be completed prior to using any evacuation chair that is included in the Evacu-Trac locations directory noted below.

Evacu-Trac Evacuation Chair

UCSF Emergency Telephone System*

Red emergency telephones are located in strategic areas throughout the Campus and Medical Center for use in the event of an emergency, or when the Campus telephone system is not operational. All emergency telephone numbers begin with 753-.

From an emergency telephone call another 753 number on the emergency system by dialing the last 5 digits of the extension, e.g., to reach 753-4556, dial 34556. You may also dial Police emergency (911) from an emergency telephone. No other services are provided from these telephones.

During any emergency, restrict telephone system use to calls of a critical nature. Keep the number and length of calls to a minimum. In a major disaster these telephones may not be operational.

*Note: The UCSF Emergency Telephone System is administered and maintained by ITS. For questions or assistance please Contact the Service Desk online, or phone 415-514-4100.

State and Federal Requirements for EAPs

California Division of Occupational Safety & Health:
Title 8 §3220 Emergency Action Plan

Occupational Safety & Health Administration:
29 CFR 1910.38