Campus-wide Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

Disasters or emergencies can happen suddenly, interrupting normal staff services and overwhelming typical response scenarios. UCSF has developed an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) to address these crisis situations. The Emergency Operations Plan outlines the immediate actions and operations required for a major disaster or emergency in which normal operations are interrupted and special measures must be taken to:

  • Save and protect the lives of students, patients, employees and the public
  • Provide essential services and operations
  • Manage UCSF resources effectively during the emergency response

The Emergency Operations Plan provides the management structure, key responsibilities, emergency assignments and general procedures to follow during an emergency. The priorities of UCSF during a disaster are the protection of lives, live assets, valuable research processes, property and the environment. The overall objective is to respond to emergency conditions and manage the process of restoring University academic and research programs and services.

For security reasons, Emergency Operations Plan details, locations of Emergency Operations Centers, emergency equipment and supplies, and the names of members of the incident management team are not posted on the public website.

Emergency Operations Plan table of contents and PDFs

Other Emergency Procedures