Security Surveys

The UCSF Police Department conducts free security surveys to inspect premises and make recommendations for improving the safety in your workplace. You will receive a detailed report within 10 business days after the inspection. Security surveys for physical security improvements for Medical Center/UCSF Health buildings are handled by Medical Center Security.

Security surveys are required:

  • For any department that is considering any security-related improvements such as camera systems, security alarms or upgraded door locks. The survey must be completed before Facilities Services will complete any work related to security.  Departments must request a Security Survey before purchasing any security-related equipment. University policy prohibits departments from upgrading or installing physical security equipment that is not recommended by the UCSF Police Department/Medical Center Security.
  • For all major construction projects. The UCSF Police Department works with departments and project managers to prevent crime through environmental design. This work includes reviewing floor plans and blueprints for construction, remodels or relocations. We recommend you contact us as early as possible in the process.

UCSF Campus: Call 415/502-9396 or email [email protected] to schedule a security survey for all campus locations. 

UCSF Medical Center: Call 415/885-7890 to schedule a security survey for all Medical Center locations.