Field Services Division

The Field Services Division is comprised of Patrol Services and Investigative Services. 

Patrol Services is the uniformed operating division of the UCSF Police Department. Patrol Services are provided 24 hours a day, every day. Police officers patrol by car and bicycle and on foot to maintain high-profile, proactive and preventive public safety services. Services include responding to emergency calls, investigating crimes, enforcing criminal and vehicle codes, investigating traffic collisions, community policing, crime prevention and managing security and safety for the many special events that occur on campus.  

Investigative Services conducts investigations on all reported major crimes. They also maintain investigative liaisons with other law enforcement agencies and develop crime analysis information to assist in effective patrol operations and to better inform the community of crime matters. Investigative Services manages a myriad of criminal cases each year ranging from sexual assault, robbery, assault, embezzlement, burglary, identity theft, fraud and criminal threats. Also, within Investigative Services, the Crime Prevention Unit develops, promotes and maintains safety awareness and outreach programs for the UCSF Police Department. In collaboration with other Police Department services, the Field Services Division strives to ensure a safe and secure environment for the campus community and its visitors.

UCSF Police Department Interim Training Plan 2020


Captain Mark Zuasola
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